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Continuing last years Summer13at45 mix, heres a selection of sublime brazilian music!
Some serious music from Luis gonzaga Jr, Hareton Salvanini, Pedro Santos, Rogerio Duprat, Tim Mia, Gal Costa, Celia, Evinha, G/9 Group, Luis Carlos Vinhas & others
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King Bromeliad/Montparnasse 12” & digital AVAILABLE NOW! » «

Tilman - Black Sheep - Compilation

Black Sheep is a compilation of random cuts i made in 2012/2013

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Releasedate: 2014-06-01
Artwork: Ed. Arcade
Written and produced by Tilman Schwarz

1. Transmission 
2. Swimming Pool
3. Dunes
4. Circle
5. Time Slicing
6. Morphosis
7. Get Back
8. Francis One 
9. Waving Autumn Leaves
10. Workshop Break

Tilman - Mild Western Ep (Tenderpark 015)

A1 Whip Me Up
A2 Whip Me Up (CMAT Remix)
B1 High Noon

Artwork by Till Sperrle

Tenderpark celebrates its 15th release with new signing Tilman. On his Mild Western EP the young man from Mainz pleases with two very funky and soulful House tracks which just perfectly fit the label’s musical philosophy. This is Deep House with a strong sense for the music’s roots in Soul and Disco implemented in a decidedly modern and fresh fashion. The remix of Tilman’s track “Whip Me Up” comes from CMAT who is quite a well-known artist who has released on Tenderpark before and will soon come up with a new record on the label. CMAT is still a secret alias of his, but his identity will be revealed soon. With catalogue number 015, Tenderpark also initiates a new artwork series again concieved by the label’s art director Till Sperrle, this time cooperating with photographer Magdalena Bichler from Berlin. The picture series will continue Tenderpark’s interest in the interaction of artificial and natural as seen in the interplay of landscape and architecture.

About Tenderpark:
Tenderpark is a vinyl label from Berlin in quest of warmth and elegance in contemporary House music. Lightness and approachability are the main focus.